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NI DAQ System Modernization

Posted in LabVIEW, Test & Measurement Automation


The client currently operates a test system for evaluating the performance of electric motors and wanted to replace obsolete hardware. DMC modernized the client’s existing test & measurement software to allow for the installation of more current hardware, provide additional data logging, and simplify the process for adding new features in the future. It was important to the customer that the user interface remain the same to minimize the time operators spend learning the new system.


The existing customer software uses obsolete FieldPoint modules. With the desire for an upgraded system, DMC presented several options that would fit the client’s needs. DMC then worked with the client to determine the best hardware upgrade solution.

Based on the previous software version, as well as additional specifications provided by the client, DMC delivered software which collects data on the performance of electric motors. This system allows the operator to run up to 11 simultaneous tests, each with different configurations.

Previous versions of the software used FieldPoint for data collection, which is a legacy system no longer recommended for new designs. This system was replaced by NI’s CompactDAQ, and now uses a new Thermocouple module that had not yet been released at the start of the project.

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Customer Benefits

  • Improved test system efficiency for faster, more accurate results
  • Minimized future downtime with the use of modern hardware
  • Ability to run shorter tests for increased throughput
  • Decreased time/cost of additional software changes
  • Improved access to raw test data allowing for more informed decisions


  • National Instruments LabVIEW
  • National Instruments CompactDAQ
  • National Instruments Channel-to-Channel Isolated Thermocouple Input Module, NI 9212