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WinCC OA High Speed Data Collection

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DMC worked with our client to develop a system for collecting transient data from a manufacturing line at a high sampling rates. This system stores data in an Oracle database for reporting and long term archiving. The goal was to reduce manufacturing line downtime and eliminate product recalls by constantly monitoring machine operation and recording exceptions.


Oracle SQL Developer


WinCC OA Development Environment


BIRT Development Environment


DMC worked with the client to develop a data model of their existing manufacturing line. This model was implemented in WinCC OA and data was collected at a sampling rate of 50ms from Omron PLCs using a custom, high speed, data collection method. The collected data is stored in an Oracle server where it can be accessed by WinCC OA as historical data for review synchronized with stored video or used in reports. DMC created custom views and queries for the Oracle database to make reporting easy with standard reporting tools.
Reports are generated using BIRT to allow integration with both Oracle and direct reporting against WinCC OA data for anything that cannot be queried from Oracle directly.
Future work will include enhanced reporting and live monitoring for equipment faults.

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Customer Benefits

  • Ability to collect data at a speed that was previously impossible
  • Data is stored in a database that can be reported against using any standard reporting system like BIRT or Crystal Reports
  • Easy visibility into historical data
  • Alignment of video with recorded PLC data for visual review of exceptions