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Safety-Rated Wireless Control for High-Tech Retail Using Siemens IWLAN and SCALANCE W Hardware

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DMC programmed and commissioned a Siemens Wireless Safety system to safely operate and monitor two-story tall glass doors for a Silicon Valley, CA-based technology company's flagship retail electronics store.


Norco Manufacturing Company, a Wisconsin-based design and fabrication facility specializing in large industrial and hangar door systems developed a first-of-its-kind two-story glass sliding door for a flagship retail storefront. A Siemens Wireless Safety system was used so that the system could be operated by store managers in specific, safe locations using effective range transponders to meet UL and SIL3 safety certification standards. 

Additionally, the wireless operation allowed the system to be operated without an unsightly control panel within view of the doors so that the end customer could achieve consistency in branding and an aesthetic finish.

DMC programmed and commissioned a system containing a Siemens S7-1500 PLC and Comfort Panel HMI, two SCALANCE access points, four WLAN-connected remote I/O racks with Yaskawa VFDs, and two Siemens mobile panel HMIs to wirelessly operate and monitor the doors both in automatic and maintenance modes. To achieve safety requirements, Siemens mobile panel transponders were used to ensure that the mobile panels could only be used in locations where the operator had a full view of the doors and all safety hazards (pinch points, etc).

By leveraging the suite of tools available in TIA Portal, DMC was able to efficiently and quickly develop, commission, and test the automation solution in a fast-paced and dynamic construction environment.

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Customer Benefits

  • Wireless operation using Siemens Mobile Panel HMIs
  • Safe operation zones using Siemens WLAN transponders
  • Simple wireless configuration using Siemens SCALANCE networking hardware
  • Simplified mechanical design with the elimination of long Ethernet cable runs
  • Compliance to UL safety standards
  • Streamlined aesthetic design without the need for a visible operator panel


  • Siemens S7-1500 PLC
  • Siemens SCALANCE WLAN access points
  • Siemens SCALANCE WLAN routers
  • Siemens IM151 remote interface modules
  • Siemens Mobile Panel HMI
  • Siemens Comfort Panel HMI
  • Yaskawa V1000 VFD
  • TIA Portal/WinCC Flex
  • Siemens effective range transponders