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Home Automation Mobile App Development with Xamarin and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

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DMC worked with Summit Automation, a leading provider of door and window automation systems, to enable their customers to control their doors with their smartphones using Bluetooth.

Home automation mobile application on Android

Door Selection Interface

Home Automation Application on iOS and Android

Door Settings and Controls


Summit Automation, the leading provider of high-end door and window automation systems, developed an innovative addition to their existing systems enabling remote control with a smartphone. Thanks to the flexible design of their door controller, Summit Automation was able to develop a plug-in module that takes commands from a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) module and controls the door (opening, closing, stopping, unlocking). The remote connectivity can also be easily integrated into existing installations.

DMC developed firmware and module profiles for a Silicon Labs / Bluegiga long-range BLE module. The firmware ensured that commands could only be issued over a secure, encrypted connection and restricted access to users who supplied the correct passcode. Users can set the passcode to any alphanumeric combination of their choosing once they’ve been authenticated.

DMC leveraged Xamarin to develop a cross-platform app for Android and iOS. By sharing the base architecture for handling user input and communicating with the BLE module, and only customizing the low-level Bluetooth communication and Android/iOS-specific UI elements, DMC was able to quickly develop apps for both platforms with a consistent user interface.

The success of this project opens the door for future IoT connectivity.

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Customer Benefits

  • Enables easy remote control using an iPhone or Android device
  • Allows for saving, renaming, and controlling multiple doors when several automation systems are installed
  • Protected by a simple and secure password system