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Classic ASP Web Application Migration to Microsoft Azure

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DMC migrated an existing classic ASP web application to Microsoft Azure with only 45 minutes of downtime.


DMC’s customer operates, a web-based time entry application used by over 2,000 clients around the country. The application is written in Classic ASP, which is no longer widely used. Additionally, the hosting provider experienced outages that resulted in unacceptable levels of downtime for end users. The customer wanted to move the application to Microsoft Azure. 

Because DMC’s customer had developed and maintained the original application, DMC collaborated closely with the client throughout the entire project to migrate the application to Azure. DMC helped the customer select the appropriate Azure resources that would work best for the application and assisted with configuration. We validated that the database could be migrated to the PaaS Azure SQL Database, which is more cost-effective and scalable than installing SQL Server on a virtual machine. We then performed an initial migration, with the client performing most of the testing independently with minor assistance from DMC.

After completion of testing, DMC helped perform the final migration and cutover. To better work with the end clients’ schedules, DMC performed the final migration on a Saturday with minimal interruption to the customer and only 45 minutes of downtime for the entire migration.

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Customer Benefits

  • More reliable cloud hosting
  • Minimal impact to end users with very little downtime
  • Increased scalability


  • Microsoft Azure
    • Azure SQL database
    • Azure VM
    • Azure Load Balancer
    • Azure Storage
  • ASP