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Agricultural Remote Monitoring System with Web Application

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DMC developed a custom weather station to capture environmental data and images from fields and greenhouses in real time.


DMC worked with a client who provides innovative field-deployable environmental sensors and phenotyping stations for crop fields and greenhouses. The system was developed for use by farmers and researchers to monitor crop growth in real time. The client approached DMC due to our expertise in IoT, product development, and PCB design.

How It Works

The device gathers environmental measurements and transmits that data to the cloud. The information gathered includes images and data for variables including temperature, humidity, rainfall, light, wind speed, CO2 levels, and soil moisture. All data collected is transmitted to a website hosted in Microsoft Azure with a user dashboard and image gallery. This data-rich dashboard provides researchers and growers with actionable insights into the growth process.

Screenshot of web application interface

DMC’s Development Process

DMC started by creating a bench-top proof of concept using an array of analytical sensors. We then built custom proto shields and combined the sensors onto a single custom breakout board to complete the solution. Next, we collaborated with DAPR engineering to package the design into multiple field-deployable prototypes.

The initial prototype stored all data locally on a MicroSD card, so testing involved putting the devices out in the field and letting them run to troubleshoot issues. Next, wireless communication capabilities were implemented by linking everything to a Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi receives data from the Nucleo boards, takes a picture, connects to the internet, and uploads data and pictures to Microsoft Azure. The web portal displays data and images from multiple sensors in different locations, allowing users to efficiently monitor and track crop performance.

Web application displaying pictures from a remote location

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Customer Benefits

  • Remote monitoring of crop health
  • Easy-to-use web interface with intuitive data displays


  • Raspberry Pi
    • Raspbian
  • C++
  • I2C
  • ST Nucleo dev kit with an ARM microcontroller
  • Microsoft Azure