Case Studies

Wireless Lighting Control with OpenWRT

Posted in Application Development, Embedded Development & Programming, Internet of Things (IoT), Product Development


DMC developed a WiFi-based lighting control system for a client in the entertainment industry allowing for wireless control of Digital Multiplex (DMX) and streaming Architecture for Controlled Networks (ACN) compatible lighting products.


The client approached DMC with an existing prototype made using a Raspberry Pi and off-the-shelf USB to DMX converter. DMC integrated a custom USB to DMX board with an enterprise grade WPA2 WiFi access point for improved reliability and network throughput. The access point utilizes the OpenWRT open source operating system, which is customizable and optimized for managing IP-based networks. 

The solution creates a private wireless network with streaming ACN endpoints for lighting control. End users can connect any device that supports the streaming ACN protocol to the network and begin controlling lights with minimal effort from a mobile application. By switching the access point into client mode, multiple additional nodes can be added to the network which increase accessibility and network availability where running hard line cabling is challenging. 

Customer Benefits

  • Accelerated time to market by leveraging DMC's embedded Linux and custom hardware and software experience
  • Improved usability for end customers by integrating a variety of lighting control standards


  • Custom USB to DMX converter
  • OpenWRT operating system for network management
  • Open Lighting Architecture for lighting control
  • 2.4 and 5 GHz WPA2 Wireless network