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RFID Automotive Sequencing Verification System

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DMC developed a system for an automotive manufacturer to verify that car seats are introduced to the assembly line in the correct sequence. The system uses RFID tags to identify each seat.



Intermec RFID Reader

Intermec RFID Reader


Errors in the seat order are very costly, requiring a complete line shut down. DMC's system utilizes the RFID tags already located on the seats to ensure that this never happens. The RFID tag in each passing seat is read and the sequence number is transmitted to the PLC controlling the transportation of the seats to the assembly line. If an out-of-order car seat is found the PLC will stop transportation, alert the operator, and the car seat will not be introduced onto the assembly line. The system is flexible enough to allow for introduction of car seats that are out of order (for special car builds) and to stop the machine for a particular sequence number.

Customer Benefits

  • Eliminates costly downtime by removing risk of line shut down due to incorrect car seat sequence
  • Flexible system allows for special seats to be introduced and the sequence order to be changed for custom car builds
  • Reduced system cost by utilizing pre-existing RFID tags and integrating into the pre-existing PLC control system


  • Intermec RFID
  • Allen Bradley Controllogix PLC
  • RSView HMI