Case Studies

Cylindric Parts

High Precision Part Measurement System


DMC worked with its client to provide an end-to-end software solution enabling a user to take precise measurements of the diameter of cylindrical parts. The solution requires 3-Axis motor control and precision laser measurements. The front-end application allows a user to easily determine complex motor control movements while simultaneously allowing a user to access a database to run reports on previously measured results.  

Measurement Machine

Measurement Machine


The end product uses 3-Axis motion control to position a laser measurement system and the part appropriately to take part diameter measurements.  Easy-to-access test history enables end customers to track quality control over time, characterizing manufacturing deviations and discovering manufacturing flaws.  DMC assisted the customer in component selection, improving the systems overall accuracy and repeatability.  We combined our extensive knowledge of motion control and mechanical engineering with our database experience and the .NET framework to provide a robust and unique solution for our customer.

Customer Benefits

  • DMC used its industry experience to select the correct system components, resulting in an accurate and repeatable measurement product
  • End product allows manufacturing customers to identifyand reduce part error and variability
  • Faster and more consistent quality control measurements with accurate, repeatable system and quick test setup through efficient, intuitive interface
  • Improved part traceability from Measurement System Assessment manual (MSA) and Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) complient database allowing previous results to be searched


  • Microsoft C# and Visual Basic .NET
  • Galil DMC2143 Ethernet motion control board
  • Keyence Laser Head Model LK-G152
  • SQL Server Database