Case Studies

Beckhoff Smart Factory ERP Integration

Posted in Application Development, Specialty Machinery


DMC worked with a client in the metal fabrication industry to improve their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration. DMC upgraded and programmed the control system to provide the client with more visibility into their data. This visibility will allow the client to make continuous and iterative improvements to their system. DMC also improved and modernized their ERP interface.


A cutting edge custom manufacturing client worked with DMC to improve ERP and factory floor integration. These updates allow them to boost efficiency, quality, and identify other areas for continuous improvement on an ongoing basis.  

DMC’s client makes many custom parts to order. The schedule for this process is set by the ERP system every day, and each part needs to be processed by multiple machines. The machines receive the schedule and work order from the data base that the ERP system populates each evening. The system also has several checks and features to help guide operators and eliminate the possibility for user error. 

Detailed information on the process is logged back into the SQL server data base along with fault logs and fault history. This provides the client access to fault logs, cycle times and machine states, both in real-time and for historical data analysis. The data is regularly mined to identify the best areas of improvement from an ROI perspective. 

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Customer Benefits

  • Direct integration from client orders to production system improve scheduling and efficiency
  • Ability to easily view data from across the system
  • Data tracking and analytics allow for continuous improvement on production efficiency and quality
  • Automated client order labeling printing at the machines improves fulfillment accuracy


  • Beckhoff CX2030 and CX2020 PLCs
  • Beckhoff TwinCAT 3.1
  • EtherCAT
  • Indusoft Web Studio 8.0
  • Microsoft SQL 2012