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LED Therapy Medical Device

Posted in Application Development, Embedded Development & Programming, Medical and Pharmaceutical, User Interface Design


DMC developed a custom PCB and firmware for a portable medical device that provides a prescribed amount of high-intensity, variable wavelength light to a variety of conditions. Light is delivered to the targeted area via high-flexibility LED Pads and can be control and regulated from a customized graphic interface.


DMC developed a high-power LED therapy device from the ground up meant to treat a variety of medical conditions. We worked closely with the client to adhere to device requirements and developed the electronics and firmware based on a detailed design specification document designed by DMC.

DMC customized the divers for the custom-designed pads to drive the LED at high frequencies without dissipating extra heat. The pads can support multiple wavelengths and there are ten pads available configured with different wavelength combinations. Different colors of light, at varying intensities, are sent from the pads to the targeted area.

The pads require precisely regulated current to be applied to each LED group/channel that is modulated with high-frequency pulses. To allow a user to schedule the supplied pulse lengths and frequencies, DMC integrated a 7-inch touch screen with an emWin powered graphical interface into the design.

The portable high-powered device is equipped with two batteries that are attached and can be recharged for a full day of use. The device includes a USB port with the ability to transfer therapeutic recipes with light configurations by way of a thumb drive.

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Customer Benefits

  • Full-Color user interface
  • Multi-language support
  • Firmware updates and device configuration updateable via thumb drive
  • Internal systems diagnostics
  • Customized features that lower overall cost production


  • High power Li-Ion charger, 5A charge current
  • Internal 8S battery pack to allow running a standard Protocol continuously for 6 hours
  • Support for external battery to double the internal battery life
  • Full-Color TFT touch screen display with a rich graphical interface based on emWin
  • USBHost for detachable thumb drive with device configuration and firmware updates
  • Programming Language: C
  • Fully customized embedded design
  • BGA chip