Case Studies

Siemens MindSphere Gold Partner

Collecting Plant-wide Data Using WinCC OA and MindSphere


DMC worked with a manufacturer that had 36 lines containing PLCs from different eras and hardware vendors, no network connectivity, and a desire for better cloud-connected data. DMC utilized WinCC OA to gather data without making changes to each PLC, provide preprocessing of data, and collect data from very different systems. The solution provided a lightweight and low impact method to push the data collection and analysis from nonexistent to a cloud-based Mindsphere solution.

DMC was one of the first integrators to use WinCC OA Connector to pull data from multiple standalone OEM machines and push it to MindSphere. DMC developed a comprehensive data aggregation system that provides valuable insight into operational data, highlighting inefficiencies and improving factory effectiveness.


DMC worked with a manufacturer to create a cloud-connected data collection system where there had previously been no network connectivity. The manufacturer had 36 lines containing PLC's from a variety of eras and vendors (as well as other non-PLC devices) that all needed to be tied together. Previously the plant’s reporting had been done by operators gathering and recording data by hand from different systems. This method was both inefficient and allowed for human error. DMC utilized WinCC OA and Mindsphere to gather data without making changes to the PLC. With no programming changes necessary, this a solution worked effectively across the variety of technologies found throughout the plant.

The solution provided a lightweight and low impact method to push the data collection and analysis from paper to the edge. This custom, cloud-based Mindsphere solution was implemented with no downtime, getting production lines back online as quickly as possible.

The client chose DMC because of our experience with both sides of the project. DMC understands the operational automation side of the project along with numerous successful projects with Edge-based solutions using Mindsphere.

Customer Benefits

  • No downtime on production line
  • Efficient commissioning and testing
  • Cost effect solutions
  • Flexibility for future changes


  • IIOT
  • IOT Industry 4.0
  • Connected Enterprise
  • Edge Computing
  • Edge connectivity
  • Cloud connectivity