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AWS Cloud Hosted Battery Management System

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DMC's client, BHS, is an industrial equipment company delivering material handling and warehouse equipment solutions as well as Industrial IoT solutions to maximize factory efficiency. DMC took BHS’s local PC based application and created a web-based inventory system hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) using ASP.NET and React. The redesign of the operator’s portal gave BHS a more efficient and reliable operation process. The creation of a plant manager’s portal allowed statistical data from all their facilities to be viewed in a single application.


BHS is a leading total solution provider of move power and material handling solutions. They approached DMC requesting a custom web application to optimize their battery management system.

BHS had a battery management system that was bar code driven, which was originally on a local portable PC. The system was not connected to the internet which meant that the client was unable to retrieve any of the operating statistics from each end-client. Instead of having an instance of the application on a local PC, DMC created an AWS hosted web application that would allow BHS to provision any device to connect to the application.

Web Application Development

The backend of the application was written using ASP.NET, while the UI was written with HMTL, CSS, and React. The application stores all the information in a PostgreSQL database, and the entire application was containerized using Docker.

aws cloud hosted web app for bhs

Before starting development, DMC created a simulation to assist in identifying and solving edge cases that the previous system could not handle. This provided our team with a full understanding of how BHS's existing system worked. The simulation proved to be cost-effective, as many issues were debugged before the commissioning stage of the project. 

Application and UI Improvements

With the previous application, an operator would navigate through multiple screens to find and input the proper information. DMC reorganized BHS's operator portal to streamline the UI. Pairing this reorganization with a sleek interface design made the application more efficient and user friendly.

aws cloud hosted web app for bhs

With the application now being hosted on AWS instead of on a non-network connected computer, DMC was able to create a new web user portal that allowed managers to view and modify any of the assets within their facility. In addition, the application has a dashboard that allows managers to get critical real-time statistics that offer insight into their facility. This statistical information was critical of BHS’s sale to end customers.

aws cloud hosted web app for bhs

DMC was chosen for this project because of our expertise with IIoT, battery management systems, and application development. Contact our experts with project inquiries. 

Customer Benefits

  • Streamlined interface and operational optimization - Getting operators to the proper information faster
  • Statistical data organization - showing real-time data from multiple facilities with a user-friendly interface
  • Reliable data tracking - Vast improvement on tracking situational battery operations
  • Improved accountability - Allows facility managers to better understand the day to day operations of their battery room
  • Reduced hardware costs and improved commissioning times – Device provisioning allows the client to use any device to connect to the application
  • Updated Battery Selection and Tracking Algorithms – Improved algorithms for battery tracking and battery selection means that an end-client’s battery room will be fully optimized. The algorithms create a multi-level priority system that determines the best battery to use to reduce battery change-out time