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End User and Administrator Training for Microsoft Teams

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Members of DMC’s Digital Workplace Solutions Team trained power users at Steiner Electric on the best practices for utilizing Microsoft Teams features such as chat, conferences, file sharing, teams, and more. By planning Steiner’s approach and training their team, we helped them get the most out of Teams’ many features.


Due to Skype for Business’s end of life in 2021, all organizations using Skype for Business will have to migrate their users to Microsoft Teams by July 31, 2021. Steiner proactively wanted to ensure the proper and efficient use of Teams across the company, so they contacted DMC to provide training on best practices and governance for the Teams platform.

First, DMC provisioned Office 365 and Teams audio conferencing licenses for the client. DMC then trained the client’s power users in a 90-minute virtual Microsoft Teams session on a multitude of Teams features including: 

  • Persistent chat and teams vs. channels 
  • Conference calls and managing calendars
  • Features in a call
  • Outlook plugin
  • Teams settings
  • Notifications
  • File sharing & interaction with SharePoint

DMC demonstrated several short cuts and other Teams best practices. We also instructed the client on how to train their users and provided documentation to do so. 
Lastly, DMC trained the client's IT team on the administrative settings within Teams. This helped plan and create governance for the client’s Teams application to establish best practices for using Teams efficiently and maintaining a clean and consistent interface. 

In today's environment, the need to work remotely makes Microsoft Teams an essential tool for collaboration and project management. DMC's experts offer planning, guidance, and technical solutions to achieve the most effective work from home environment.

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Customer Benefits

  • Utilize the full capabilities of Microsoft Teams
  • Organized governance structure
  • Efficient and organized file management system
  • Ability to train end-users on working in Teams