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Employee Management System Using React and .NET

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DMC built a custom application using React and .NET to replace a client’s existing employee management system. Our solution automated many tasks and workflows, was integrated with useful third-party apps, and had an accessible, intuitive user interface.


This client employed a large team of installers and mechanics who were dispatched to various locations throughout the workday. Prior to DMC, their employee management system tracking all of this information—such as hours worked, technical certifications, and employee specializations—was done in Microsoft Excel. This posed many problems for our client. First, it was difficult to navigate due to the large amounts of data and limited customization options in Excel. This confusing format also meant the management system was prone to human error, especially considering the lack of automated organization, tasks, and reminders.

DMC’s priority is to provide solutions for our clients that make their lives easier. We took special attention to understand everything the excel spreadsheet was tracking, whom it was relevant to, and what were the greatest inefficiencies overall. Once we fully understood the needs of our client, we created a high-level architecture of what we planned to build, both on the front end and the back end.

Using React and .NET, two powerful platforms for developing web applications, DMC’s Digital Workspace Solutions team constructed the databases for the employee management system. Connections with third-party software were integrated into the system as well, such as Paycor, automating repetitive tasks and eliminating many sources of human error. We also included a feature that automatically generated reports and workflows, saving our client a lot of time.

For the front end, our UI/UX specialist customized a user interface that was simplified and intuitive, while still having all relevant data available. For example, when an employee was about to go into overtime, the user can easily see their hours have turned from green to red and can then reassess which employee to dispatch.

Our solution is as easy to use and convenient as it is powerful. The web application is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, multiple users can access the application at the same time, and text/email notifications always keep employees in the loop—unlike the Excel system they were using prior to DMC. Our team also ran UAT (User-Acceptance Testing) by giving our system to the employees who will actually be using it, making sure it meets their needs and they find it easy to use.

DMC’s customized solution provided our client with a powerful employee management system with an intuitive, accessible design. The system is flexible and can change with them—ensuring a sustainable future for their data collection needs.

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Customer Benefits

  • Realtime UI updates
  • Report generation
  • Email notifications
  • Text notifications
  • Automated workflows
  • Integrations with Paycor


  • React with TypeScript
  • .NET Core
  • SignalR
  • Hangfire
  • AutoMapper
  • Entity Framework Core
  • SQL Server