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Denso Robot

Precision Robotic Coating

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DMC developed a robotic spraying cell that uniformly coats the surface of supercharger rotors.


DMC helped its customer design a robot cell for coating an unusually shaped supercharger rotor.  DMC programmed the robot to move the spray head at a uniform distance and angle along surface of the part.  The precise robot path follows the complex helical shape of the part.  The end result was a cost, time, and material saving process that improves the quality of the end product over the previous process.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced costs by replacing the expensive coating and re-machinging process
  • Doubled capacity of the machining center by reducing the number of required operations
  • Improved part quality and reduced scrap with a more efficient, uniform coating process compared to the previous process
  • New polymer options available for spray coating improve pneumatic efficiency and reduce noise


  • Denso VS Series 6 Axis Robot