Case Studies

Nano (Microscopic) Application

Five-Axis Nanomotion Laboratory Tool

Posted in Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Test & Measurement Automation


DMC implemented a user interface for operating a high-precision 5-axis laboratory tool.  DMC's software automates interaction with an ACS motion controller coordinating ceramic servo motors capable of sub-micrometer resolution.

Interface Screen

Interface Screen


The interface was specified by the customer and then implemented by DMC.  It commands incremental, jogging, and absolute moves; executes homing procedures; and performs planar calculations automatically.  It allows the user to modify software axis limits per each experimental setup.  The interface also facilitates the specification and execution of movement sequences for long, complicated experiments.  The user can easily save and recall absolute positions useful while running their tests.  The user can also save and load project files that contain motion settings and other experimental conditions such as humidity and temperature, facilitating documentation.

Customer Benefits

  • High precision of motion axis allows client to perform nano applications
  • Time is saved from automatic configuration of motion parameters, allowing the user to focus on experiments
  • Project files store each experiment's motion moves and environmental conditions, allowing for accurate documentation of experimental conditions


  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Basic .NET
  • ACS SPiiPlus Motion Control