Case Studies

Smart Energy AMP Solution

Posted in Application Development, Azure, Energy and Utilities, User Interface Design, Web Application Development


DMC’s client in the energy and utilities industry needed a solution for controlling and viewing the activity of energy storage assets distributed across domestic and international sites. DMC architected and developed a cloud-based web UI for the client’s internal team and clients.


DMC assisted a client in the energy industry with the architecture and implementation of a web-based solution for managing globally distributed energy storage assets. The client required a system capable of continuously collecting data over Modbus TCP from various OEM equipment and storing the data in a uniform way to support retrieval for both live trending and bulk historical data query. Additionally, they needed a web-based interface that both the team and their clients could use to view asset activity and send asset commands.

DMC first collaborated with the client to understand their networking and user interface requirements. From there, DMC engineers architected the cloud-based solution and DMC’s UI/UX team developed front-end mockups. This initial specification phase established a solid solution roadmap for DMC to follow, and the resulting system allowed clients to manage energy assets, send commands, view live data at customizable intervals, and request historical data exports. The system has been live since 2018 and is used for monitoring and performing data analytics to improve energy management and load balancing.

Customer Benefits

  • Ability to add assets in real time.
  • Ability to send commands through interface.
  • Ability to view live data at customizable intervals.
  • Ability to request historical data exports.
  • Optimized algorithm.
  • Improved energy management and load balancing.


  • .NET
  • ReactJS
  • Microsoft Azure App Services
  • Microsoft Azure Functions
  • Microsoft Azure Storage Accounts (Blob, Table, Queue)
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Servers
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Databases
  • Modbus TCP
  • Postmark
  • Bootstrap