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Implementing Recipes in WinCC OA for Continuous Processing

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DMC worked with a pharmaceutical company to implement continuous processing capabilities with their batch-processing-based OEM machines and to manage machine-level recipes at the SCADA level.


Initial Process: Batch Mixing and Pressing

The client’s set of two of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) machines utilized different code bases but worked together to create oral tablets in batches. One machine mixed the dry ingredients to create a homogenous powder and the second machine then pressed this powder into tablets. Each machine was controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and ran separately with different recipes and configurations.

DMC Solution: Continuous Mixing and Pressing

DMC utilized the WinCC OA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to help the client transition from this manual batch process to a more automatic continuous process. The WinCC OA program gives users an overarching view of the system and sends command signals and recipe configurations to and from both PLCs to control both machines as a unified system. This allows users to configure and control the entire process from a single interface rather than from two separate HMIs.

Centralized Recipe Management

In addition to centralized control, DMC utilized WinCC OA’s flexible database system and scripting to create and implement a centralized recipe system. Instead of recipes being configured and maintained separately on the OEM PLCs, users now can create, modify, and manage recipes for the system via a single interface. Selected recipe parameters are sent to the individual PLCs where they are implemented and run with the OEM code.

Our proficiency and expertise with WinCC OA led DMC to successfully convert the client’s batch processing system with separate machine controls into a continuous process with sequencing and recipe management controlled from a single interface.

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Customer Benefits

  • Flexible operating procedures
  • Centralized recipes
  • Centralized controls
  • Minimized waste
  • Production efficiency