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invisaWear Bluetooth-paired Personal Safety Wearables

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DMC worked with invisaWear to produce a finished product using a prototype from being a finalist in the MassChallenge personal safety wearables startup in 2017. The Bluetooth-paired wearable button works as a discrete call for help used in emergency situations or when someone would consider themselves potentially vulnerable.


DMC used the client’s prototype to successfully create a personal safety wearable that can be embedded in a key fob, a piece of jewelry, and more. Users can press the hidden device discreetly, and it will connect to their phone. Based on the phone’s GPS information, it will send out an alert to emergency services.

With the client’s functional proof of concept and goal of wide deployment, DMC engineered an optimized application that is robust and capable when utilized and efficient while awaiting use or confirming reliability and availability. As each single use of the device or test of the system had an outsized impact on battery life, DMC calculated the amount of power that would remain over time – with the battery capacity decaying naturally, regular check ins with the phone, and then the trigger events (if they occur) needing to be accounted for and taking energy.

With our multidisciplinary background, DMC ensured the client used the best choice for controls with the hardware selected. Our responsiveness and locality to the client allowed for effective communication and led DMC to ultimately deliver technology with two years of battery life and extremely low power modes.

In addition to developing the embedded firmware, DMC supported a request the client passed on from the factory for an easy-to-use test process for use on the factory floor for manufacturing quality control.  DMC came up with an extremely simplified test system that pairs, simulate an alarm, and checks for communications with a freshly-built system before returning it to an un-paired system ready for the end user to set up for themselves.

Stay tuned from new developments in personal safety from the invisaWear team!

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Customer Benefits

  • Long-lasting, predictable battery life exceeding specifications
  • Robust pairing and alerting functionality
  • Efficient production testing process for factory QC