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Managing Employee Files with Document Sets

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A client in the energy industry needed a secure and efficient way to manage HR employee documentation. DMC created an automated system to create secure, well organized, easily searchable data sets using Microsoft SharePoint.


The client used a third-party system to manage employee data: starting from new employee onboarding. DMC engineers developed of a system that would allow them to better manage confidential files such as drug test screenings, I-9‘s, and payroll files.

First, DMC engineers retrieved exports from the third-party system. Our engineers then developed the architecture for document storage. They worked with the client to determine which metadata tags were useful for each employee to have. Once they established a structure for the site, our engineers imported the client's data to the new system. A confidential document set for each employee was then auto created.

The new SharePoint implementation was programmed to tag document sets with useful information about employees such as their date of employment, office location, and title. Managers, HR, and other required personnel could access files and documents based on the user’s tagged information.

All new documentation moving forward was handled by the system that DMC created to automatically make document sets for each new employee. These sets provided the client with a place to sort, file, and apply custom permissions to all documents.

This solution provided the client with confidentiality protection while utilizing the document management capability offered out of the box by Microsoft 365.

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Customer Benefits

  • Secure, internal access to documents based on permissions
  • Confidentiality protection
  • Automated system that reduced manual workload
  • Eliminated the need for third party document management
  • Better organization


  • Microsoft 365
  • SharePoint Framework Extensions
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • SharePoint CSOM