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Using Sepasoft to Track CNC Machine OEE

Posted in Automotive, Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence, MES


DMC linked Ignition and Sepasoft to a client’s CNC Machines to automate data collection in order to calculate downtime, generate reports, and produce product counts based on machine outputs.


DMC’s client in the manufacturing industry needed an automated application capable of calculating the production outputs and downtime of CNC machines. This would allow operators and administrators to monitor the status of their machines, while also generating reports to summarize production efficiency.

To begin, DMC connected the client’s CNC machines to an OPC server to collect live data. The data was sent to Ignition and linked to Sepasoft’s back end model, which is based on ISA-95. DMC relied heavily on built-in Sepasoft objects within Ignition Perspective to configure the CNC machines, while using several custom screens to display both downtime and production counts. One very powerful custom screen was a dynamically populated dashboard that would automatically show a new CNC machine when the new machine was connected to the system. This low code approach gave the client’s operators the ability to view critical data while reducing the amount of custom code to maintain.

The client also needed a way to view data at a higher level. Using the report generator in conjunction with Sepasoft’s analysis tools, DMC was able to provide the users with the ability to generate downtime and production reports for their machines over any range of time.

Overall, this solution demonstrates the power of an Ignition Perspective application along with Sepasoft to create helpful plant insights for clients to increase efficiency. Furthermore, the flexibility of this solution allows the client to expand to multiple plants if needed in the future.

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Customer Benefits

  • Increased plant efficiency by highlighting downtime reasons and process inefficiencies
  • Easily expandable solution for adding future machines and manufacturing facilities
  • Easy access to essential reports and metrics


  • Ignition Perspective
  • Sepasoft OEE and Downtime
  • Kepware