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Siemens Pharmaceutical Controls Engineering

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Siemens contracted DMC to receive and commission a skid to assist one of their clients in the pharmaceutical industry.


DMC provided on-site commissioning support for the client and aided in the development of their skid to efficiently and safely mass produce pharmaceuticals. 

Our engineers commissioned the skid and wrote batch reports on a machine set up with Siemens WinCC 7. We reorganized some of the client’s screens and tracked logging in to ensure permissions were secure. With traceability of high importance, DMC took all the key process information and recorded them. This included any types of alarms or deviations occurring during the process. At the end of a run, DMC printed out the batch report using built-in WinCC reporting our engineers wrote while on site.

DMC got the skid up and running after altering the testing process to monitor the flow rate of the system as opposed to looking at its pumps as they were fouling. With our automation expertise, experimentation, and refinement, we stabilized the pumps needed to run the machine.

We reviewed all of the validation documentation, assisted in the execution of it, and accounted for any deviation. While onsite, our engineers worked on the machine in clean rooms. The project involved lots of mixing, and there were tight ratios we had to work with. With our process control experience, we successfully monitored the mix between the multiple different types of fluids.

After our work on the first machine and ramping up on the process, the client asked us to act as their process experts on the commissioning of a second machine at another location.

Our expertise in Siemens HMIs and WinCC 7 and our overall Automation experience led us to successfully commission both projects.

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Customer Benefits

  • Automation expertise
  • Process expertise
  • Process control
  • Local Siemens support
  • Validation of the machine
  • Commissioning support