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Consumer Device with Capacitive Touch & Over the Air Updates

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DMC worked with Snooz, a company that specializes in white noise sound machines, to develop a new product based off their existing Snooz device: Breez Smart Bedroom Fan & White Noise Machine. This product adds a dedicated fan to the existing white noise machine model and features several upgrades to the original device.


DMC previously worked with Snooz on a Bluetooth-Connected Consumer Device with Mobile App and recently built Breez, a second product that is an extension of the original design. DMC converted the original model that utilized two microcontrollers – one for device control and the other as a dedicated Bluetooth chip - into a single ESP32 chip.

DMC combined the two microchips into a single ESP32 module to lower costs and began by using the built-in capacitive touch on the ESP32 chip. To improve performance, DMC implemented a dedicated capacitive touch controller, which enhanced touch reliability.

Snooz Breeze Features Product

Breez Smart Bedroom Fan & White Noise Machine

DMC’s upgrade of the product allows for over-the-air updates and temperature sensing through an added thermistor. It was also designed on a sturdy wood base to prevent rattling noise. The temperature sensing feature automatically turns on and off based on the temperature of the room, can be set to a timer schedule, and can be controlled with a smart plug. The added fan allows consumers to alter the temperature while the product still provides white noise.

DMC’s previous work with the client and our experience with firmware programming and circuit board design allowed us to provide a modern, updated solution and successfully upgrade to dedicated capacitive touch reliability.

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Customer Benefits

  • Improved capacitive touch performance through a dedicated capacitive touch chip
  • DMC can provide over-the-air updates
  • Users can update devices from their phone
  • Temperature sensing and automated temperature-based device control
  • Improved overall performance


  • ESP32 chip
  • Dedicated touch sensor chip
  • Second DC motor to drive the fan