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Dynamometer Emissions Testing Data Acquisition System

Emissions System
Posted in Automotive, Green Technology, LabVIEW, Test & Measurement Automation


DMC developed a flexible application to test emissions of various vehicles in a dynamometer research lab.

Dynamometer Testing

Dynamometer Testing

Data Flow

Data Flow


DMC provided the client with a flexible, modular dynamometer test lab application for a wide variety of vehicle emissions systems, including front and rear wheel drive, hybrid, gasoline, diesel, and experimental power train.  The solution is perfect for the customer's changing needs, allowing adjustments with minimal effort.  The application interfaces with different signal types, such as PCI Bus, serial, Ethernet, CAN, off-line data sources, and special serially controlled instruments.  The system combines all of these data sources into a single data stream and displays real-time results from the advanced LabVIEW interface.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduces operator setup time with robust, modular architecture allowing for quick changeover between configurations
  • Flexible solution allows testing of a wide variety of vehicles and collection of numerous data types
  • High speed distributed data acquisition network provides increased data detail and accuracy


  • National Instruments LabVIEW
  • SCXI Data Acquisition
  • PXI Data Acquisition
  • RS-232 Serial Communication