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Gum Inspection

Gum Vision Inspection System

Posted in Food and Beverage, Machine Vision, Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence, Test & Measurement Automation


DMC provided the programming and technical direction required to integrate a vision inspection system into multiple production lines.

Production Line and Display

Production Line and Display

Inspection Image

Inspection Image


The system inspects gum with user-selectable tolerances for size, appearance, and other quality features.  Each machine outputs gum in a continuously moving line of product and packaging.  A fast, optimized inspection time is required to improve quality without reducing throughput.  The system includes intelligent scrap recovery, separating recoverable product from rejects.  A flat panel display shows immediate product results and images.

Customer Benefits

  • The implementation of a vision inspection system ensures improved product quality
  • Intelligent vision recognition reduces scrap and improves product recovery
  • Real-time vision and data feedback allow fast debugging and problem identification
  • Modular architecture provides increased maintainability and future flexibility


  • Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLC
  • DVT Smart Image Sensor (Vision Camera)
  • DVT SmartLink
  • Advantech Flat Panel Monitor
  • IR Backlight