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Web-Based Solder Production Monitoring

Solder Production
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DMC designed and implemented a system to collect and store process data from a solder production unit and display the real-time process data via a company intranet site.

Real-Time Data Display

Real-Time Data Display

Data Selection

Data Selection


A Windows NT service constantly polls a networked Eason operator interface terminal for process data. When new data is available it is downloaded from the Eason and placed into a Microsoft® Access database for quality control and analysis. Portions of the data for real time display are also sent to an OPC Server. A Web page with client side scripting in JavaScript and custom ActiveX controls then allows for display of the data over an intranet web site.

Customer Benefits

  • Eliminates distribution time as web-based application requires no client-side installation
  • Real-time display of the system's operation from remote locations through the intranet site allows real-time production decisions
  • Better production and process decisions can be made using recorded historical production and quality control data


  • Microsoft® Visual Studio.Net
  • JavaScript
  • Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Microsoft® Access
  • Eason® 2300 Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • Eason® WinBuild™ 2000 Development
  • Software