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Temperature Gradient

Image Processing for Thermal Imaging Product

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DMC developed a PC application for use with the client's industrial thermal imaging product.  The application is used to integrate image data into the end user's process, providing fast and accurate image information with data collection, modifiable testing, and measurement viewing capabilities.

Measurement Summary

Measurement Summary




DMC developed an image analysis program to run Pass or Fail tests based on intensity changes and limitations of temperature readings taken from an imaging acquisition source. This data is then analyzed by regions, or areas of interest. These regions are configured to be analyzed based on various intensity statistics and limits within their boundaries. The data statistics from these regions can be saved, viewed, and distributed across a serial or TCP/IP connection. The system can analyze data in regard to absolute or differential intensities. Profiles of the data collected can be viewed to determine specific point temperature changes. Overall intensity data can also be saved, viewed, replayed, and distributed across a serial or TCP/IP connection. Images of results can be saved and viewed in different sizes for further analysis.

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Customer Benefits

  • Increased imaging acquisition product sales due to increased usability from this software package
  • Supplies increased accuracy for intensity readings with 60 Hz processing rates and 30 Hz screen update rates
  • Customizable test settings give the system the flexibility to be utilized for various products
  • Multiple language capability allows the system to be internationally distributed


  • Video Imaging Acquisition Product
  • NI Imaq PC-1422 Digital Frame Grabber/USB RCA Converter for Laptops
  • Black Box PCI/PCMCIA RS-232/422/485
  • Advantech Adam Analog & Digital IO Modules
  • Microsoft C++ and Visual Basic