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Radiation Dosage

Radiation Dosage Lab Measurement System

Posted in LabVIEW, Test & Measurement Automation


DMC developed a laboratory test system to calculate the dosage received by an item placed under an accelerator.

Main Screen

Main Screen

Configuration Screen

Configuration Screen


DMC created an application to read analog signals from a variety of sources, which can be configured using a switch module. The system processes the signals along with some user provided information to calculate radiation dosage. This signal is displayed on a graph along with near real-time feedback from the oscilloscope card. Dosage data may also be logged throughout the test, allowing for later review of historical results. This system uses the latest development from DMC in LabVIEW state machine architecture, which allows for extremely flexible, high-speed applications. Because of the state machine architecture, this application can also easily be expanded to fit future client needs.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced hardware and software costs with one flexible system that handles four different classes of accelerators
  • Dynamic hardware and filtering changes allow for rapid calibration and diagnostics
  • At-a-glance trend identification with visual representation of data
  • Reduced setup time and operator interaction with easy interface and rapid test setup


  • NI LabVIEW
  • NI PXI 8176 PC
  • NI PXI 51123 Oscilloscope card
  • NI PXI 2591 Switch module
  • NI PXI 6071E DAQ card