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Industrial Brush

Industrial Brush Generator

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DMC developed software that allowed engineers to design head patterns for industrial brushes. The brush pattern designed could then be downloaded to a brush generation system which manufactured the design.

Brush Editor

Brush Editor

Brush Overview

Brush Overview


DMC developed software which allows engineers to design the head pattern for the bristles on industrial brushes. Basic brush patterns can be generated by specifying parameters such a slope angle, bristle density, section width, and stagger type. These patterns can then be edited manually to add, remove, or relocate individual points. After the patterns are generated, they can be downloaded to a brush generation system which manufactures the brush.

Customer Benefits

  • Flexible design interface facilitates innovative brush patterns that provided a competitive advantage from their uniqueness
  • Reduces product development time
  • Recipe management system for design enables fast system changeovers


  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • C# .NET
  • SQL Server Database