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Collector Cards

Collector Card Dispenser Control

Posted in Consumer Goods, Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence


DMC developed the process control software for forming stacks of collector cards.  The required card contents for each stack were generated based upon customer requirements in a recipe management system.

Command Screen

Command Screen


This system is used for placing cards into various slots according to a pattern entered in a downloadable table. The pattern can be entered through MS® Excel™ and then easily downloaded to the controller. The controller indexes the conveyor system and places the correct cards into the bins to create complete packs.

Customer Benefits

  • Fully automated stack forming process facilitates accurate production while reducing labor costs
  • Simple and informative user interface reduces operator training time
  • Reduces setup time with flexible recipe management system using MS Excel spreadsheets as inputs


  • Eason® 2500 controller and touch screen operator interface
  • Eason® WinBuild™ 2000 development software
  • Microsoft® Excel Visual Basic for Applications™