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Solder Joint Inspection System

Posted in Automotive, Machine Vision, Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence, Test & Measurement Automation


DMC developed the software to inspect the solder joints of automotive power door lock switches.

Solder Inspection Screen

Solder Inspection Screen

Soldered Part

Soldered Part


The main screen provides a drop down menu where the part to be inspected can quickly be selected. An operator then loads the chosen part into a customized fixture and presses the inspect button. Two DVT® cameras concurrently inspect multiple solder joins on both of two switches. Camera images and inspection results are displayed on the main screen along with daily statistical totals and this data is recorded to a database. The system can create a report displaying data for each part type over a selected time interval.

Customer Benefits

  • Provides improved quality control
  • Eliminates manual inspection and labor costs
  • Extensive data collection and reporting allows for improved production and process decisions
  • Allows measurement routines to be changed quickly for different parts


  • 2 DVT Vision Inspection cameras
  • Custom Operator Interface Design
  • Microsoft® Visual Basic™ user interface
  • Data Dynamics® Active Reports™
  • Part placement equipment