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3-D Vision Interactive Display Case

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DMC developed an interactive case study exhibit using the Microsoft XNA game studio, Open CV image processing, and a Microsoft Kinect camera. This system recognizes visitors and allows them to access information simply by making totally natural gestures and movements.

New Display Case

New Display Case


DMC created an interactive display case exhibit to showcase information about the company’s products and services. A physical display case houses representations of key items, and as users point to different areas, items are highlighted on the screen as a spotlight simultaneously triggers in display case. By gesturing at a specific item, users can trigger multimedia presentations to learn more about what they are interested in.

The 3D Kinect camera tracks full wire frame skeletons of visitors’ bodies, allowing them to interact with the system with natural gestures and movements. This provides an intuitive and enjoyable control method, which engages users while teaching them more about products and features that the company offers.

The multimedia display was created in .Net 4.0 using Visual Studio 2010 and the Microsoft XNA Game Studio. A 3-D world was created to mirror the physical display case and to provide natural feedback and navigation. When users select an item to learn more about, the .Net application is able to present a variety of customizable images, text, and video information.

This display exhibit uses many cutting edge technologies to create an interactive system that engages visitors in an informative presentation. By leveraging the available technologies DMC was able to create an appealing, engaging tool to feature products and information about the company.

Customer Benefits

  • Eye Catching way to feature products, projects, and services
  • Engaging interface draw users in to the exhibit
  • Intuitive control lets users simply walk up and engage, without having to fiddle through menus or instructions
  • Interactive nature allows visitors to learn about what is interesting to them, instead of forcing them to watch a canned presentation
  • Automated presentations can showcase the company at tradeshows and recruiting events, giving users a way to interact without needing constant staffing
  • Flexible display layout allows a wide variety of different items to be featured
  • Great Advertising tool to draw attention and outshine static displays or standard multimedia


  • .Net 4.0
  • Microsoft Kinect 3D Infrared Camera
  • Microsoft XNA Studio
  • Blender 3D Modeling
  • Python import / export scripts
  • Microsoft DirectX
  • Open CV Image Processing