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CO Detector

CO Detector Testing

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DMC developed the control software to setup, monitor, and test carbon monoxide detectors under various conditions in multiple chambers simultaneously.

Gas Monitor

Gas Monitor

Test and Graph

Test and Graph


One of several chambers is filled with several commercial CO detectors and selected for testing through the user interface. The user chooses parameters, such as humidity, CO concentration, and test time before starting the test. Several chambers can be run at one time in various conditions. The system controls each chamber's CO and humidity levels based upon test settings. Test data is collected, logged and graphically displayed on the screen. Logged data is available for future evaluation and report generation.

Customer Benefits

  • Easy test configuration reduces setup time from hours to minutes
  • Control of multiple test chambers increase capacity and reduce testing time
  • Compatibility with future changes and needs through flexible architecture
  • System and software stability allow handling of multiple day tests


  • PC Control Using National Instruments LabVIEW
  • SCXI data acquisition and signal conditioning hardware
  • Custom developed operator interface and control architecture
  • Serial communication software developed to communicate to Mass Flow Controllers