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Automotive Sensor

Automotive Sensor Testing

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DMC developed an end-of-line test station for an automotive sensor manufacturing line. This system integrated a wide range of instruments in order to program and test the automotive sensors before they were integrated into the vehicle.

Program Screen

Program Screen


DMC created this system to program and test an automotive sensor at the end of a manufacturing line. The system measures several parameters on the part, determines the optimal values, and programs offsets into it. The part is then tested by sweeping a magnet in front of the sensor, resulting in a sine and cosine wave pattern which is analyzed to determine whether the part should pass or fail. Once the part has been tested, data pertaining to the part is logged to a database for reporting and analysis.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduces cost and part production time due to automated end-of-line testing
  • Increases quality and testing accuracy as a result of standardized automated test system
  • Part tracking and statistical analysis allow process improvements and identification of most common failure modes


  • NI LabVIEW
  • NI-CAN Communications Board
  • AB Ultra 3000 Servo
  • AB SLC 500 series PLC
  • Microscan Quadrus EZ Barcode Scanner
  • Proprietary CAN Box for part communications
  • Contec DIO Board