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NIWeek 2010!

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DMC Monthly Update 
Volume 1, Issue 6
August 30, 2010


Check out this two-part demo illustrating the setup and testing of DMC's latest Battery Management System test stand.
DMC Dashboard, SharePoint, and Baseball Workshop
In addition to sales and operational metrics, attendees learned about slugging and on-base percentages.
DMC Air and Water Fun
DMC enjoys fun in the sun and on the sea sharing stories and making movies! See what Danny and Boris had to say.
Eric reveals his top three tips for amateur explorers and the time he shared sleeping quarters
with a goat.


NIWeek Highlights 
Brent reports his personal highlights
from NIWeek 2010 in Austin, including LabVIEW innovations and improvements.
Back to school!  Which SharePoint features could your organization most use to make the grade this fall?
July Survey Results
Where is the best place to watch the Chicago Air & Water Show?
 Signature Lounge atop the Hancock - 10%
 Watch on a practice day - 10%
 North Ave Beach- 40%
 A rooftop- 40% 
The challenge last month was defining
the shape of a roller coaster loop that would create a constant G-force experience.  Panos Prezas from
the Argonne National Laboratory showed off his research skills to find the exact answer we were looking for published
by the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.  Review our blog to learn about the answer.
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