DMC Leads Dashboard, SharePoint, and Baseball Workshop

Event Overview

Over forty business and IT leaders gathered to attend a SharePoint Dashboard Workshop at the Tooling & Manufacturing Association on August 19, 2010 led by DMC.

Everyone in attendance received a copy of the Michael Lewis best-seller Moneyball (Lewis is also the author of The Blind Side, The Big Short, and Liar's Poker). Moneyball tells the story of how Billy Beane focused on the right Key Performance Indicators to turn his perennial-losing Oakland A's into perennial winners. Moneyball provided a fun and relatable theme throughout the workshop.

Rick Rietz, DMC’s Director of Consulting Services, led the workshop entitled What Gets Measured Gets Done. Participants were treated to a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and Microsoft SharePoint workshop, in addition to a demonstration of SharePoint Dashboard and SharePoint Collaboration Portal capabilities, including SharePoint 2010. Each guest left with a workbook that helped conceptualize goal measurement and KPI tracking within their own businesses.

SharePoint Dashboard and Portal Case Study

Craig van den Avont of GAM shared his experience working with DMC to implement GAM's SharePoint Dashboard and Collaboration Portal. Craig’s comments on GAM’s experience included:

On User Adoption

I was actually very surprised how fast [SharePoint] was bought into, from the office to the factory. Even the senior machinist was very willing and picked up on it quickly.

On KPI Dashboards

We have always been a company that has tracked a lot of information, but the information was stale. A big part of my job at the end of each month was to gather and examine data…Now I can see trends in real time and instead of waiting until the end of the month if something isn’t trending where it needs to be I can ask the right people and address any issues.

On Team Management

Our sales team has monthly meetings with several people in collaboration who have assigned tasks and projects. They now use SharePoint exclusively. They have a standing agenda and meeting minutes on SharePoint that they can modify and action items that come up in the meeting can be added to the list during that meeting and be assigned to people.

Event Take-aways

Rick Rietz was thrilled with the turnout and active participation of the audience. "It's a wonderful feeling to see a roomful of people that get it - automating the measurement of KPIs is essential to achieving business goals." Rick added, "SharePoint's Document Management and Workflow capabilities also resonated strongly with these business leaders".

With over 100,000,000 world-wide users, Microsoft SharePoint has emerged as the de facto collaboration platform for business. SharePoint provides businesses with a cost-effective way to leverage the Microsoft technology they already own to drive their business to operate more efficiently and more competitively through a multitude of capabilities.

The presentation slides and selected screenshots from the demonstration are available for viewing below. For more information about SharePoint's features, visit Rick's video blog: Feature Comparison of SharePoint 2010, Foundation, MOSS, and WSS.

To request a consultation on implementing a SharePoint portal or a SharePoint dashboard, please contact Rick Rietz at 312.386.7463 or


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