Dreaming of a dashboard that automatically refreshes with real-time data from several systems?

The Microsoft SharePoint and Power BI platforms can make this dream a reality. Implementing a SharePoint dashboard is just one commonly overlooked way to maximize the benefit and return on a SharePoint investment.

DMC's SharePoint Dashboard solution and Microsoft's Power BI platform support the aggregation and blending of data from a wide variety of data sources, including:

  • Accounting and ERP e.g. Dynamics, MAS 90, SAP, QuickBooks
  • Customer relationship management e.g. Dynamics CRM, Goldmine, Salesforce
  • Social media web services e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Any relational database e.g. SQL Server, Oracle, DB2
  • Most custom applications and third-party software packages

SharePoint Dashboard Showing Possible Data Integration with Salesforce, CRM, Access, Excel, Google Analytics, and SQL

A SharePoint Dashboard Solution provides your employees, managers, and executives with easy-to-use dashboards that track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the health of business processes.

Microsoft SharePoint KPI Tracking and Dashboard Displaying Trends

Microsoft's SharePoint Portal Platform is a cost effective way to tap into your existing technology investments and share the information with the people in your organization who need it most.

Key Benefits

Management by Exception
DMC has deep experience helping businesses create precise visual representations of key performance indicator metrics. Once your SharePoint Dashboard is in place, you can quickly identify the business areas needing attention so you can focus on solving the problem instead of generating reports.

Dashboard Automation is the Key
The key to making a SharePoint Dashboard effective is automation. The manual process of collecting data every day/week/month/quarter is just too much work for managers and executives who need accurate and real-time information to make the right decisions.

Results-Oriented Information
Gain unique business insight by aggregating and blending data together from multiple sources. Manage by exception through automated tracking of results against pre-defined Red/Yellow/Green success thresholds. Avoid being blindsided with advanced warning of business downturns and upswings

SharePoint Charting Web Part

DMC’s SharePoint Charting Web Part solution is one way to easily add great looking graphs and KPI dashboards to your SharePoint on-premises and Office 365 / SharePoint Online sites.

Flexible Configuration
Add multiple series to a single chart. Use any column as the X or Y axis. Automatically group by category or date. Modify attributes including color, bar type, axis scale, scale, and aggregation method (sum, average, count, etc.).

Simple Interface
Easily modify or create charts on the fly. No struggling with Excel Services or PerformancePoint. No calling a developer every time you want an update.

Data Variety
Source data from any SharePoint list, including external lists based on SQL databases, web services, ERP systems, or accounting applications. Custom views allow filters, sorts, and calculated columns.

Goal Targets
Set upper and lower target lines, and re-color data points when targets are made or missed.

Works with SharePoint on-premises versions and Office 365 SharePoint Online
Compatible with Office 365 SharePoint Online, WSS 3.0, 2007 Standard, 2007 Enterprise, 2010 Foundation, 2010 Standard, 2010 Enterprise, 2013 Foundation, 2013 Standard, 2013 Enterprise, SharePoint 2016 Standard, and 2016 Enterprise editions.

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