Video Demonstration of BMS Test Stand Basic Capabilities

Video Demonstration of BMS Test Stand Basic Capabilities

Recently DMC put together another BMS Validation Test Stand, with 100+ Battery Cell Simulation Channels, 50 Temperature Sensor Simulation Channels, and a variety of other IO channels for testing the BMS inside a PHEV battery pack.

Before we shipped this tester, we wanted to demonstrate using the system to test a BMS in manual mode, to illustrate the basic capabilities of the battery cell simulators, software, and other electronics. However, the automotive BMS boards we have designed this system to test are, of course, proprietary to the PHEV battery pack vendor. In place of these 100 cell BMS devices, we have substituted an off the shelf BMS from Texas Instruments (TI).

For several older battery projects, DMC had been testing TI BQ20z90 based fuel gauge chips for use in laptop and portable electronic device battery packs. So we have a pretty good understanding of how they work. More importantly, we have a BQ20z90 evaluation board lying around with the evaluation software.

With these tools, the BMS test stand, a video camera, and some very limited spare time, we put together a two-part demo.

Part One:

Part Two:


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