LabVIEW Programming

National Instruments LabVIEW Certified Architect (CLA) LogoNational Instruments LabVIEW is a powerful programming environment used to develop automated control, data acquisition, and test systems. LabVIEW runs on several hardware environments and operating systems (primarily Windows on PCs and hardware platforms such as embedded NI Real-Time controllers and NI FPGA platforms). LabVIEW has a large set of drivers for test and measurement hardware devices, including National Instruments’ full suite of hardware and many third-party devices (data acquisition modules and cards, analog and digital inputs, general laboratory equipment such as function generators and oscilloscopes).

LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment where functions and sub-routines are represented as blocks or Virtual Instruments (VIs) that can be dropped into other portions of code. The environment uses the concept of dataflow programming, where data passed into and through VIs represents the flow and execution of the program. This flow, which is quite different from typical text-based programming environments, lends itself to data handling and algorithm development focus, as well as rapid realization of ideas rather than syntax.

DMC’s LabVIEW Development Approach

National Instruments PXI ChassisDepending on your needs, we can design turnkey LabVIEW applications or work side-by-side with your development team to clear critical challenges. We also develop APIs and drivers to integrate off-the-shelf hardware or your own custom product into LabVIEW for end users or your internal use.

DMC has been a National Instruments’ Alliance Member since 1997 and has one of the largest teams of certified LabVIEW developers in the Midwest. Our LabVIEW clients include Argonne National Laboratories, Underwriters Laboratories, Bombardier Recreational Products, and major automotive manufacturers. We have employed LabVIEW for applications including product development, test and measurement engineering, research and development, and high-tech manufacturing.

Our LabVIEW code is architected to be modular, reusable, expandable, robust, and maintainable. We have an extensive library of proven LabVIEW code that can reduce development time and risk of your application. We also have LabVIEW tools developed for additional features such as HTML and PDF reporting, TDMS file storage, external data viewers, and SQL databases.

We help our LabVIEW clients with:

  • LabVIEW application development
  • User interface design
  • Control design (PID, Fuzzy Logic)
  • Data management (files, TDMS, database)
  • Reporting and data display
  • Application deployment
  • Integration with hardware
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