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DMC Monthly Update

Volume 6, Issue 3 | June 11, 2015

DMC is opening two new offices: one in New York, NY and another in Houston, TX.
Mad Science Party - Boston
DMC Boston's Mad Science Party is June 18, 2015. Don't miss the madness, RSVP today!
DMC was named a top place to work for Millenials and Gen X employees by Crain's Chicago Business.
DMC at the Siemens Automation Summit 
Attending the 2015 Automation Summit? Stop by these four sessions led by DMC engineers.
DMC is going to present at CSIA 2015 on the topic of motivating engineers to write web content.
Chicago's Mad Science Party
Check out photos from DMC Chicago's out-of-this-world Mad Science Party!
Meet Adam Wojcik: an engineer who likes to sew, hike travel and hone is blacksmithing skills.
What Does ADCM Stand For?
DMC offices across three cities spent a day focused on customer service, safety, and fun.
In htis tutorial video, engineer Frank May teaches you how to make and test your first android app.
Find and Replace in WinCC 7.2
Frank shares some handy tools for how to find and replace without a global shortcut.
In this spoof on The Office, DMC Boston explores the quirks of office life.
Automating the Sales Process
Learn how DMC automated the integration of CRM Online with SharePoint for sales tracking.
The fun office culture at DMC allows for this silly quote board full of engineering humor.
June Quote Board
Bold plans are afoot as Megan and Bill seek riches and bicycles.
In this edition of the DMC comic, animals become engineers and figuring out animal problems.
DMC Comic
Dive into the mobile camera roll of a typical engineer in this month's comic.

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