DMC Chicago's Mad Science Party

DMC Chicago's Mad Science Party

DMC proved just how cool science can be at our Chicago office's Mad Science Party on June 4th, 2015. We've held several fun themed open houses previously including a carnival, Boston Bash, and Oktoberfest, and this party was no exception. More than 140 guests joined us for a night of out-of-this-world food and drinks, zany decorations, and electrifying attractions. The rooftop deck filled up quickly due to the beautiful weather, and we think a mad scientist would have felt right at home in our office outfitted with radioactive signs, caution tape, dry ice, and giant atoms!

Expressions of bewilderment could be seen around the party from those who had their taste buds turned upside-down at the Miracle Berry Tasting Station, while a Van de Graaff generator stood hair on end and shot metal pans around the room for a shockingly good time. The Experiment Station invited guests to participate in hands-on activities and experiments involving magnetic levitation, electroplating, edible water bubbles, and non-Newtonian fluid. Nearly all of the demonstrations and activities were made or pioneered by DMC employees including an automated Etch-a-Sketch that drew that picture of Einstein with his tongue out.

Guests enjoyed a special menu with items named to honor individuals whose innovative work paved the way for great strides in science, including Pythagoras Pulled Pork, Dalton Slaw, and Volta Potato Salad. In addition to several kegs of local craft brews on the roof, a mixologist (in a lab coat, of course) served up hand-crafted specialty cocktails and bright green punch out of a bubbling beaker in a smoky bowl of dry ice. The line for the ice cream station quickly grew when the first bowl came out filled with ice cream that had been flash-frozen in mere seconds using liquid nitrogen.

In keeping with DMC tradition, the party wound down with guests gathering around a microphone for group karaoke. We consider this solid evidence that good memories and 80's music are closely correlated.

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