How to Find and Replace items in WinCC 7.2

How to Find and Replace items in WinCC 7.2

There is no global CTRL+F and Replace in  WinCC v7.2 that catches everything at once, but there are a few tools that can help you accomplish the same thing. 

Let’s say we have a picture for Robot Defense. This picture has tags, text, script, and dropdown options for Robots. We want to make an identical screen, but for Alien Defense. Below is what we start with:

Highlight everything on the screen and right click to bring up "Linking Options"

Select "Tag Connections"

You can double click on the tags on the “Places Used” tab to change the tags one at a time, or click “Find and Replace” to do it all at once:

Select all the text, enter what you want to find and replace, pick any additional options, click “Replace” and “OK”.

Highlight everything on the picture again, right click and this time go to “Linking”-> “Texts”

Specify the term you’re searching for and the term you’re replacing it with. “Select All” then click “Replace” and then “OK”.

This covers most everything on the picture, and we should be ready for the Aliens. 

However, if you have any scripts, you’ll have to edit those manually. We have a script running on a button press that didn’t get switched from Robots to Aliens and it needs to be edited manually. Notice how the script is for Robots:

One other area that isn’t caught by the methods above is default text options in combo boxes which need to be manually modified.


Jesus Monge
# Jesus Monge
This relink option does replace the tags inside scripts if you define the tags using the standard header of the C actions in WinCC:

// syntax: #define TagNameInAction "DMTagName"
#define Tag "Anti Robot"
// next TagID : 1

And of course if the action has a trigger with a tag, it replaces the tag which triggers the action.

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