Iconics Programming

Iconics LogoThe Genesis platform is the ICONICS complete interface and SCADA solution for control and factory automation. Genesis64 and Genesis32 have a range of enterprise tools used for building advanced interface screens and monitoring and logging of process data used for data mining and process improvements needed to stay competitive. This suite is valuable for processes that are impacted by a wide variety of variables, including those found in the food and beverage, chemical, and oil and gas industries.

DMC has implemented many solutions on the platforms worldwide, connecting with a variety of control systems ranging from Rockwell/Allen-Bradley to Siemens and more.

Genesis64 Programming

Genesis64 is the latest ICONICS full SCADA suite. It offers compatibility with powerful third-party software including Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Silverlight. It also has connectivity with hundreds of control platforms and supports modern protocols including OPC-UA. The Genesis64 suite includes the following:

GraphWorX64 is the interface software, allowing the development of rich interfaces, controls, and data displays.

TrendWorX64 allows for process data acquisition and logging, enabling identification of immediate productivity issues and long term process improvements.

AlarmWorX64 is the Genesis64 alarm management platform.

Genesis32 Programming

Genesis32 is a proven ICONICS full SCADA suite. The Genesis32 suite includes the following:

AlarmWorX32 is the Genesis32 alarm management software.

GraphWorX32 is the interface software for Genesis32.

TrendWorX32 is the process variables data collection and logging software.

ReportWorX is a reporting suite.

ScriptWorX32 allows Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 6.0 scripts to be pulled into your SCADA system, enabling further programmability.

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