Rockwell FactoryTalk

DMC's expertise in Rockwell FactoryTalk Metrics, FactoryTalk Historian, and FactoryTalk Transaction Manager lets you focus on the results, not the implementation. Gather performance and analysis data from individual machines or factory-wide systems. View trends and reports, and hone in on anomalies to find new ways to increase production, improve quality, and reduce downtime. Get a new perspective on your factory through Rockwell FactoryTalk’s excellent data collection, analysis, and reporting abilities. DMC also works with more basic displays, including the PanelView series.

DMC has extensive experience with the following products:

FactoryTalk Metrics

Calculate both machine and factory-level OEE and analyze sources of downtime. Compatible with any PLC or HMI via OPC, Metrics is the perfect solution for real-time factory-wide machine performance analysis and reporting.

FactoryTalk Historian

Maximize your ability to collect time-series data. This historian scales all the way from single-machine data collection (Machine Edition) to factory-wide large-scale data collection and storage (Site Edition). Powerful reporting and trending tools give you the ability to hone in on specific details quickly and easily.

FactoryTalk Transaction Manager

Link your production floor to your factory IT hub with this end-to-end communication server. Move data back and forth from databases to individual controllers, log data in real time, and more. Transaction Manager creates connections between systems seamlessly whether they are Rockwell controllers, third-party PLCs, Microsoft SQL databases, or third party or legacy data stores.

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