HMI and SCADA Systems Programming

Redundant SCADA System for train tunnel ventilationDMC’s engineers specialize in developing state-of-the-art HMI and SCADA solutions for customers across a wide range of industries.

DMC’s services and expertise includes:

  • Data collection and reporting
  • Process and system visualization
  • Machine and system control
  • Fault handling and machine maintenance
  • Configuration and management of databases and data storage
  • Custom web, dashboard, and report development
  • Advanced and distributed networking

HMI Programming

A Human Machine Interface (HMI) is the manner through which an operator can control a machine to perform its function. An HMI can be as simple as the lever on a toaster, but is generally used in reference to a self-contained display panel that contains one or more screens to control a system. HMIs are also a critical component of most SCADA systems.

A well-developed HMI can improve operator efficiency, safety, and reduce machine downtime. DMC collaborates with our clients to identify the elements needed for their HMI, then works with our in-house user interface (UI) designer and a full team of HMI programming experts to create sleek and modern interfaces tailored to your system. 

SCADA System Development

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) can be used as a sophisticated HMI but has power and features well beyond what an HMI can offer. These features can include facility-wide control functions, data collection, video, reporting, diagnostics, key performance indicators (KPI), and even predictive maintenance functions. 

Using the right mix of available packages and custom features, DMC is an expert at implementing SCADA systems to meet customer needs.

Platform Expertise

Our experienced engineers have programmed HMI and SCADA solutions on numerous platforms from various vendors.

Siemens HMI interface
  • Siemens
    • SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal)
      • WinCC Basic, Comfort, Advanced
      • WinCC Professional
    • SCADA system SIMATIC WinCC
    • SCADA system SIMATIC WinCC OA (Open Architecture)
    • WinCC Flex
    • ProTool
  • National Instruments
    • LabVIEW
    • Lookout
  • Wonderware
    • ArchestrA
    • InTouch
  • Allen-Bradley/Rockwell
    • PanelView
    • RSView
    • FactoryTalk View ME
    • FactoryTalk View SE
  • Inductive Automation
    • Ignition
  • Microsoft
    • C#
    • Visual Basic
    • Visual Studio
    • Windows XP Embedded
    • Windows CE
    • Genesis32
    • Genesis64
  • Beijer
    • Cimrex
    • Information Designer
  • Citect (now Schneider Electric)
    • CitectHMI
    • CitectSCADA
  • ESA Technology
    • Eason
    • VT & ET Terminals
    • WinBuild
    • Polymath
  • Maple Systems
    • WebStudio
    • EZware
  • Elutions
    • AEM
    • ALERT
    • ControlMaestro
    • Wizcon Supervisor
  • Horner Automation Group
    • OCS
    • Cscape
  • Phoenix Contact
    • Think & Do
    • Steeplechase VLC
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