DMC Core Values


DMC Core Values

DMC operates on foundational principles that drive our decision making process and guide our relationships with our clients.

Great companies are built from great people. We seek to attract and retain bright people who are quick learners and who are committed to embracing and effectively utilizing new technologies.

We feel a personal sense of urgency on matters related to our clients. We are highly responsive and genuinely want our clients to succeed.

Everyone at DMC is empowered and expected to independently accomplish tasks for the benefit of DMC and our customers.

We expect to earn a reasonable profit to provide for employee growth and long term sustainability for our clients and vendors.

We believe in collaboration with our clients and coworkers. We're happy to share knowledge and train our clients to take ownership of their systems. Our clients should work with us because they want to, not because they are trapped due to lack of knowledge, information, or source code.

Work is an important part of life that should be fun and more than just a paycheck. Professionalism does not mean being stuffy and boring.

We are honest and fair in our dealings with our clients, vendors, partners and each other.

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