Chris Cilino

Chis Cilino

Chis Cilino

Project Engineer

Chris is a member of DMC's Test & Measurement team and is based in Austin, Texas. He's a LabVIEW Champion (April 2018) and a Certified LabVIEW Architect (2014). In addition to developing and releasing community-oriented tools and libraries (LabVIEW Container, Software Module Builder, LabVIEW AutoDocumentation Utility, and more), Chris founded, a non-profit organization designed to ease the LabVIEW community's burdens when finding, sharing, and co-developing code. He believes that we, as scientists and engineers, can make the world a better place; and we can do it better and faster by working together.

Chris has a passion for technology, teamwork, and mentorship. In his 20+ year career, he's employed all three in the context of using LabVIEW to create cool applications and engage with the LabVIEW community. For fun, he plays the violin, enjoys the Austin Symphony, enjoys Austin's wonderful local cuisine, and loves cooking.

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