Michael Dannemiller

Michael Dannemiller

Michael Dannemiller

Senior Business Analyst

Michael has been working in the Microsoft consulting world since 2008. He's a proud graduate of DePaul University, where he earned a degree in Computer Science, which he promptly translated to the service industry. After transitioning to Business Analysis, Michael continued developing his technical skills and focused on documentation and making strategic decisions. In his time outside the office, Michael recently began fishing and has always maintained a love of all games, from the tabletop to the computer chair.

Joined DMC: 2014

DMC Office: Chicago

Service Area: Digital Workplace Solutions

Favorite DMC Projects: Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint Calendar Sync for Zaca Mesa Winery

Favorite DMC Event: Welcome parties and trivia night

Favorite DMC Moment: Seeing FedEx Day projects turn into something used by large portions of the company, or even client work.

Best Place Traveled for Work: Downtown, Chicago. DWS doesn’t travel as much as other service areas!

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