Tim Jager

Tim Jager

Tim Jager

Vice President

Tim graduated from the University of Illinois and is a Professional Engineer in the state of Illinois. He is the head of DMC’s Embedded Systems group and is a member of the senior leadership team. Tim loves to help the team design advanced solutions, create system architecture, and solve challenging problems. Sometimes, when he thinks that no one’s looking, he likes to sneak away and unwind by routing a PCB using Altium Designer.

When he’s not designing expert solutions, Tim enjoys having fun with his four kids, playing various sports (including hockey, rollerblading, skiing, running, and biking), and working on his vintage BMW station wagon [RIP 1999-2019]. He also loves to brew kombucha, make yogurt, and make interesting foods using his homemade sous vide cooker (basically, the weirder the better).   

Joined DMC: 1999

DMC Office: Chicago

Service Area: Embedded

Favorite DMC Projects: UL Hazloc is one of my all-time favorites because we got to blow stuff up.  I also liked working on this medical product that produced electrical stimulus for muscles. The R&D & testing phases were fun. We all took turns seeing who could handle the highest power setting the most.

Favorite DMC Event: I am a huge fan of DMSki. I've been on almost every one.

Favorite DMC Moment: Launching a cheap party balloon from our deck with a makeshift transmitter on it and tracking for it over 100 miles.

Best Place Traveled for Work: I was in an anechoic chamber the size of an airplane hanger. It was super weird. Like being in a big stadium, but if you closed your eyes and spoke, it sounded like you were in a tiny coat closet.

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